For You

Private Instruction  

The studio provides instruction on state-of-the-art Stott Pilates apparatus; including 5 Reformers, a Cadillac/Trapeze Table, 4 Towers, Stability Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Pedi-Poles and Foot Corrector.  Other accessories to enhance your workout may include foam rollers, stability balls, magic circle, toe corrector, therabands, ballet barre and BOSU. 

Working individually allows Kimm to customize the workout according to your goals — allowing for faster results. Private apparatus lessons for one person are 50 minutes. If you have a group of three or more people interested in private training, please contact the studio for more information. Socks are required for apparatus lessons.

Private Session

One person, one instructor

Semi-Private Session

Two people, one instructor

30-minute Private

If you are short on time, returning from rehabilitation (post-rehab), or want to focus on a particular goal, choose this special offering of a half-hour Private session.  For convenience, you may also add the 30 minutes directly before or after a group class.

Super Stretch

Feeling stiff and achy?  No time to stretch on your own?  Want someone to help you stretch?  Spend 30 minutes with us and we will stretch you out using various techniques and the springs of the popular Pilates system.  Become more limber and leave the studio moving with greater ease.  (If your preferred time is not available, please contact us directly for more options.)  After a morning session: "You changed my whole day!"

Group Pilates Apparatus

Pilates Reformer Tower

Our most popular class!  Enjoy a full mind-body workout on the Reformer &/or Tower apparatus, which utilizes spring resistance to support as well as challenge the body in a variety of positions. It is an efficient way to re-balance the body and improve strength, flexibility, coordination and posture.  Since class sizes are limited to 5 participants, workouts include individualized attention for the best results.  (All levels - socks required.)  *Pre-requisite: 1-2 Private Lessons* 

Jump(board) for Joy (on hold during the coronavirus pandemic)

Give yourself a cardio boost with jumpboard class - which combines plyometric jumping lying down on the Reformer, along with full-body strengthening and stretching intervals.  Since the Reformer apparatus uses springs for resistance, this class is low impact on the joints, but very effective at improving stamina and coordination.  *Pre-requisite: 10 Private lessons or Apparatus classes plus instructor approval.*


Mat Pilates Express Class

Mat Pilates (currently offered simultaneously in-person and online)

The perfect class to strengthen your core and unwind from the stress of the day.  We'll target the all-important Pilates "Powerhouse" muscles of the abdominals, lower back, hips, and gluteals to create a stronger mid-section and help relieve back pain.  All exercises are done on a mat on the floor and stretching is naturally incorporated into the movements to improve flexibility.  Refreshing and efficient in 30 minutes!